U-CUBE : your cube, my cube ... everyone's cube!

The U-CUBE is a modular temporary accommodation unit which, in its barest form :

  • has unique 75mm panels with inherent properties that provide a climate-regulated environment ... it keeps you cool when its hot and warm when its cold.

  • provides excellent sound proofing to keep ambient noise out and internal noise in ... so 'what goes on in a U-CUBE stays in a U-CUBE'

  • comes in colours, like a rainbow ... if that's what you want

  • has interior headroom of 2m and more than 2m x 2m floor dimensions can comfortably accommodate 4 adults of an average height and build

An appropriate use in this form is as personal event accommodation, typically at music and arts festivals, where its superior heat and sound proofing and security make it the ideal bolt-hole for those wanting the "festival experience" but without the traditional discomfort.

It also has a wide range of optional extras to make your stay, at an event or for work, even more comfortable.

Find out more on our Event "Glamping" page.

This flexible construction also means that it can be rapidly erected and dismantled, transported flat-packed into some of the most inaccessible of locations, and there is considerable scope to extend and join individual units.

As a result, the U-Cube lends itself to a greater variety of uses, not simply as accommodation at event.

With the addition of further units to double or quadruple the floorspace, private shower and toilet units can be incorporated making the whole experience far more acceptable for longer term occupancy as:

  • work-crew accommodation, at Festivals and other events
  • extended use on construction/renovation sites
  • on-site accommodation for performers and support staff at events
  • comfort stations on large estates where access to basic facilites is not natually available

Find out more on our Commercial Use page.

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